Woman holding puppies.
Photo Credit: Mindfully American.

Welcome to Mindfully American!

Laura Olds is the founder of Mindfully American. She’s been an expat for over 13 years, and if you told her younger self that she would one day start a website focused on the U.S., she never would have believed you. But traveling the world has drawn Laura closer to her American roots.

Mindfully American focuses its content on Americans who want to expand their understanding of their nation and foreigners who want to get a taste of American culture. Our authors are passionate about their work, helping Americans improve their finances, plan their next US vacation, prepare for retirement, and more.

We take the “mindful” part of Mindfully American seriously. The USA has many great qualities, but it’s not perfect. Our content covers a range of perspectives, and we constantly strive to offer new points of view.

Laura runs Mindfully American from her home in Panama. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and doting on her ever-growing clan of rescue animals.

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