10 States Where Weddings and Marriages Are Most Likely To Go Awry

While the allure of a big, white wedding can be mesmerizing to brides-to-be, many couples don’t consider the emotional, financial, and logistical realities of having their big day. And how can we blame them, given that the goal is to have a wedding only once in one’s lifetime?

If you’re looking to tie the knot soon, listen up. Career service Zippia ran a study finding that Americans may want to consider avoiding these ten worst states for marriage. 

The Cold, Hard Truth 

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Zippia ranked every state in the U.S. on a scale of best to worst for marriage. The data hinged on three key factors:

  • Average cost of a wedding
  • Divorce rate
  • Yearly rainfall in each state

Of course, plenty of people have successful marriages in all states across the U.S. So, take Zippia’s data with a grain of salt and join us for a little fun.

Why Rain? 

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According to Zippia, even though rain on a wedding day is considered “lucky,” most brides would prefer a dry start to their holy matrimony. So, a dry wedding is a good omen for marriage in this study.

1: Georgia

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Georgia is the worst state in the US for marriage, according to Zippia’s data. A high likelihood of rain on a nearly $20,000 wedding day certainly doesn’t seem like a good sign, especially when paired with a 1.35% divorce rate last year. 

2: Louisiana

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While the average wedding may be cheaper in Louisiana at just $16,842, it’s also more likely to get rained out. The Bayou State sees more precipitation (60.09 inches) than any other state in the continental US. 

3: Maryland

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Marriage comes with a hefty price tag in Maryland, where the average wedding costs an average of $27,498. It seems like quite a few couples squabble over the bill, with 1.18% getting divorced in 2022. 

4: Connecticut 

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Charm will cost extra in Connecticut. The average wedding tab runs at $29,499 and even that may not be enough to make a dream wedding a reality; an average annual rainfall of more than 50 inches means a wet wedding day is a likely possibility. 

5: Alabama 

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Matrimony may be cheaper in Alabama, where the average wedding will cost around $15,056, but that doesn’t include lawyer fees. The state has one of the highest divorce rates in the country at 1.38%. 

6: Massachusetts 

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Couples better be sure they want to get married before tying the knot in Massachusetts. A bayside wedding with all the bells and whistles will run the bride’s parents an astonishing $30,489 on average. 

7: Hawaii

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Destination weddings are popular in Hawaii, which boasts the lowest divorce rate in the country at 0.93%. However, a high chance of rain (the state averages 63.7 inches per year) and pricey final bill (an average wedding costs $25,747) could put a damper on that romantic dream. 

8: Arkansas

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With one of the highest divorce rates in the nation at 1.6%, Arkansas may not be an ideal spot for a destination wedding. Though with an average bill of just $12,426 for a full ceremony and reception, some couples might be willing to take the chance. 

9: Virginia 

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Virginia may be for lovers, but a 1.18% divorce rate says otherwise. Those who do choose to get married there will still have to cough up roughly $23,966 for the wedding. 

10: Delaware 

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Delaware’s trifecta of a decent chance of rainfall, not very affordable wedding options, and a mediocre divorce rate don’t make it a very romantic state in which to tie the knot. 

Best States for Marriage

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The best states in the US for marriage come with a side of prairie views. New Mexico, North Dakota, and South Dakota all claim top billing, with Montana ranking as the number one best place for marriage in America, according to Zippia’s data. 

Wild Wedding Costs

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According to The Knot, the average cost of a wedding in the US in 2022 was $30,000. Inflation played a part, as well as an increase in guest count, with couples inviting an average of 117 guests to their nuptials held last year. 

Who’s Footing the Bill? 

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Wedding planning website Zola revealed that only 16.6% of couples pay for a wedding themselves. While 33.6% pay for at least part of their big day, parents or in-laws end up footing the majority or all of the bill. 

Best State for Divorce? 

Valley of Fire, Nevada.
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With its lax rules around weddings, Nevada is home to the highest divorce rate in the country at more than 4%. 

Divorce Trends

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According to Forbes, divorce is actually on the decline. In 2020, the divorce rate was 4% of the US population but dropped to 2.5% in 2021. 

More Good News

Bride holding wedding invitation.
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Nearly 40% of weddings include at least one person who is remarrying. Up to 20% of marriages in the US are between people who have both been married before. 

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