15 Most Popular European Cities to Propose In

One of the most important moments in a couple’s relationship is when they decide to make it official with engagement rings. The details around that momentous event can be pretty stressful to plan if you’re the one getting down on one knee. If you’re on the opposite end, though, you’ll still want that moment to be a memorable one.  

Are you thinking about popping the question to your significant other? You might be thinking about traveling to Europe as a place to propose because it has some of the most beautiful cities in the world. 

Paris Tickets & Tours turns to social media to find out which 15 European cities are the most popular for those looking for engagement destinations. Whether you’ve already made the big decision or are planning to, consider one of these most captivating, proposal-ready cities in Europe. 

Looking at Social Media

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Paris Tickets & Tours determined the most popular European cities to propose in based on analyzing hashtags related to proposals on Instagram. It’s worth mentioning that Paris Tickets & Tours narrowed down their list to only European capital cities with the most Instagram engagement posts and hashtags; there are undoubtedly other excellent European cities for proposals. 

Some European cities you might expect to be on the list aren’t featured because only capital cities were considered. More cities in Italy, for example, could’ve possibly made the list since Venice, Florence, and Rome are considered some of the most romantic destinations in Europe.

Nevertheless, these European cities are hands-down some hot spots to pop the question.

1: Lisbon, Portugal

Trolly in Lisbon.
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Total hashtag volume: 1,049,944

2: London, England

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Total hashtag volume: 1,026,528

3: Paris, France

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Total hashtag volume: 1,011,970

4: Berlin, Germany

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Total hashtag volume: 549,300

5: Andorra La Vella, Andorra

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Total hashtag volume: 358,409

6: Vienna, Austria

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Total hashtag volume: 318,054

7: Madrid, Spain

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Total hashtag volume: 248,426

8: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Total hashtag volume: 189,113

9: Oslo, Norway

Oslo, Norway.
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Total hashtag volume: 146,535

10: Warsaw, Poland

Photo Credit: fotorince via stock.adobe.com.

Total hashtag volume: 105,516

11: Helsinki, Finland

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Total hashtag volume: 86,058

12: Rome, Italy

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Total hashtag volume: 80,167

13: Budapest, Hungary

Parliament view through Fishermans Bastion in Budapest.
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Total hashtag volume: 63,527

14: Prague, Czech Republic

Photo Credit: tichr via stock.adobe.com.

Total hashtag volume: 46,667

15: Edinburgh, Scotland

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Total hashtag volume: 36,580

A Surprising Number One

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While Lisbon is ranked number one on Paris Tickets & Tours’ list, it’s only the 23rd most visited city in Europe with 3.6 million annual visitors. The most visited European city is London, with 19.6 million people visiting the British capital per year. 

So, why propose in Lisbon? The City of Seven Hills offers many picturesque views for couples who are soon to be engaged. According to some, Pena Palace, Cabo da Roca, and Monserrate Palace are some of the city’s most beautiful engagement locations

World’s Most Romantic City

Eiffel Tower.
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Paris’ third-place ranking may surprise some people since it’s known as the City of Love. The home of the Eiffel Tower got the name “City of Love” when the Romantic Era began there at the end of the 18th century. Romanticism was a time when several artists changed Paris through art, especially poetry. 

New buildings were built during the Romantic movement, too, like the Eiffel Tower and the Opera Garnier. Centuries later, the romance is still alive, as Paris remains one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. 

Very Small Country Listed

Photo Credit: Сергій Вовк via stock.adobe.com.

If you’ve never heard of Andorra La Vella, you’re not alone; many Americans don’t know it’s the capital of Andorra, one of the smallest countries in Europe. Andorra is roughly 181 square miles and is currently the 16th smallest country in the world. 

One reason to visit Andorra, for either a romantic getaway or a family vacation, is its duty-free shopping. Andorra doesn’t have to pay taxes to surrounding European countries, making the country a great place to buy normally high-taxed goods. 

Perhaps the proposer could buy a last-minute wedding ring in Andorra while they’re at it?

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