10 Cities Attracting the Largest Number of Baby Boomers

As one of the largest and most economically influential generations, baby boomers’ relocation choices matter. Whether they’re retiring or starting new ventures, factors like tax benefits and affordability are driving this generation to flock to these cities in large numbers.

Welcome, Boomers

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SmartAsset used data from the 2022 U.S. Census Bureau 1-Year American Community Survey to determine which cities are receiving the greatest influx of baby boomers. The data considered 268 cities with populations of 100,000 people or more. Each city was ranked by the population percentage represented by boomers who moved into any given city.

1: Clearwater, FL

Clearwater, Florida.
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Clearwater is one of Florida’s most popular vacation (and retirement) destinations, so it’s no wonder it ranks number one on this list of the cities baby boomers are moving to. Boomer newcomers to Clearwater accounted for 3.79% of its total population, with 4,401 boomer newbies calling it home in a one-year period.

2: Reno, NV

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While Vegas is where the glitz, glam, and gambling are at, Reno is a laid-back Nevada city with low taxes and natural beauty. In 2022, 8,329 baby boomers relocated to Reno, accounting for 3.07% of the city’s population. Over 62,000 folks from the generation live in Reno, making up 23.1% of residents. 

3: Orlando, FL

Orlando, Florida.
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Home to Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is a magical place to retire, and boomers are taking notice. The popular tourist destination welcomed 9,458 new boomer residents in one year, accounting for 3.02% of the city’s population. Boomers make up 16.6% of the Orlando community overall. 

4: Cape Coral, FL

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Another city in the Sunshine State cracked the top ten, with 6,233 boomers moving to Cape Coral in one year. Newcomer boomers made up 2.90% of the city’s total population. People from the age group comprise 29.9% of the vibrant Southwest Florida community.

5: Billings, MT

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As the most populous city in Montana, Billings boasts unreal mountain views and the perk of no local or state sales tax. Boomers are flocking there, as the city saw 3,401 newcomers from that age group in a one-year timeframe. At the time of SmartAsset’s study, baby boomers made up over 22% of the city’s total population.

6: Surprise, AZ

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With a 7% lower cost of living than the state average, it’s no surprise why boomers are moving to Surprise, Arizona, in droves. In 2022, 4,372 boomers relocated there, making up 2.86% of the total population, comprising over 23% of the Surprise community.

7: Henderson, NV

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Located just south of Las Vegas, Henderson has eight championship golf courses, gorgeous green spaces, and historic charm. It sounds like a retiree’s paradise, which could be why 9,219 boomers moved there in a single year. Approximately 25% of the city’s residents are boomers, with 84,183 residing there. 

8: Mesa, AZ

Mesa, Arizona.
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Nestled right outside Phoenix, Mesa is close enough to the big city for boomers to enjoy its amenities. An impressive 13,623 boomer newcomers made up 2.69% of the city’s population in 2022, adding to the 108,881 total people from that age group in Mesa. 

9: High Point, NC

High Point train station in North Carolina.
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Full of families and young professionals alike, High Point welcomed 3,051 new boomer residents in one year. Known as the “Home Furnishings Capital of the World,” the city’s 26,023 baby boomers comprised 22.9% of the overall population. SmartAsset noted that of the newcomers, 81% came from within North Carolina. 

10: St. Petersburg, FL

Boardwalk in St. Petersburg, Florida.
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St. Petersburg’s warm year-round climate and stunning shoreline make it an attractive place to live for boomers. In 2022, 2.67% of the city’s population comprised new boomers in town, totaling 6,903 new residents from the age group. In total, 66,631 boomers live in the sunny city, making up 25.75% of all residents.

New to America 

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Boomers from other countries are also moving to the US to enjoy their golden years. The Sunshine State is especially popular for international transplants, with SmartAsset reporting that 2,131 boomers moved to Orlando from abroad in a single year. The second-highest rate of boomers moving from abroad went to Cape Coral, Florida, welcoming 1,268 new individuals.  

Crunching the Numbers 

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To help put in perspective just how many boomers are in some of these cities, SmartAsset noted that almost three out of every ten people in Cape Coral and Clearwater are from the baby boomer generation.

Montana Moves 

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When it comes to American boomers moving to a new state, many are going to Billings, Montana. Over half of the city’s 3,401 new boomers came from different states, with 1,842 transplants.

Not Planning Ahead 

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According to a Stanford Center on Longevity report, almost one-third of baby boomers had no retirement account whatsoever as of 2014. In 2022, data shows that the percentage jumped to approximately 40%, meaning millions are approaching retirement without any savings. In September 2023, CNBC reported that 56% of Americans as a whole aren’t on a path to a comfortable retirement.

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