15 Occupations Paying Americans Big Money

Have you ever wondered what jobs make the highest salaries in the United States? Maybe you want to plan your future career, or maybe you just want to know how your salary compares to the top-paying professions.

From healthcare to information technology to law, many industries employ professionals who earn generous salaries for their work. The highest-paid occupations generally make annual salaries over $100,000, and many jobs earn even more.

This list, which includes government and research data, will satisfy your curiosity about the highest-paying jobs in the United States. You can also browse the list if you’re looking to make a career change for more money.

1: Surgeon

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There’s a reason the phrase “it’s not brain surgery” has become a cliche. Surgeons have highly specialized skills, and they receive salaries that reflect the difficulty of their work.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), surgeons are the highest-paid professionals in the United States. On average, they make $343,990 per year, but many surgeons earn higher salaries. Among the profession, pediatric, cardiology, and orthopedic surgeons make the most money, with average annual salaries exceeding $375,000.

2: Physician

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Not far behind surgeons on the pay scale are physicians, another type of healthcare professional. Physicians earn an average of $248,640 per year.

Doctors can often earn higher salaries by specializing in an area of medicine. Emergency medicine physicians, for example, make an average annual salary of $306,640.

3: Psychiatrist

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Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in mental illnesses. They diagnose and treat patients with various conditions, such as schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Psychiatrists make an average annual wage of $256,930, according to the BLS. Those who work in outpatient care centers and doctor’s offices typically earn even more.

4: Dermatologist

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A dermatologist is another type of specialized physician. These doctors treat patients who have skin conditions. Dermatologists can also provide care for conditions related to the hair or nails.

Like other medical professionals, dermatologists make high salaries for their expertise. The average annual salary for this profession is $342,860.

5: Anesthesiologist

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If you’ve ever been put under anesthesia for a surgery, you understand the importance of a good anesthesiologist. These healthcare professionals administer anesthetics to patients before surgeries or other medical procedures.

Anesthesiologists make average salaries of $339,470 per year. Some states offer even higher average annual salaries for anesthesiologists, such as California, where they make $452,930.

6: Dentist

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After physicians and surgeons, dentists are some of the highest-paid professionals in the United States. Dentists treat patients’ teeth, mouth, and gums through preventative care and dental procedures.

Dentists earn a median annual wage of $170,910, according to the BLS. Specialists within the field, such as orthodontists and prosthodontists, can make even more money.

7: CEO

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If you want a high-paying career outside the medical field, consider setting your sights on becoming a company’s top officer. Chief executive officers, or CEOs, make an annual median wage of $329,400.

Salaries for CEOs can often depend on a variety of factors. These include the industry and size of a company, as well as an individual’s credentials. CEOs with a Master of Business Administration, for example, may earn higher salaries.

8: Pilot

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Millions of Americans fly every day, putting their trust in the pilots who operate the aircraft. It makes sense that pilots earn high salaries for their technical skills.

Specifically, airline pilots earn $215,600 per year on average. Some pilots are also eligible for bonuses, which can add thousands to their salaries each year.

9: Lawyer

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For many Americans, the legal system isn’t their area of expertise. Lawyers provide advice and represent clients to ensure they understand their rights.

Becoming a lawyer involves completing an undergraduate degree, attending three more years of law school, and passing the bar exam. For their legal knowledge, lawyers make good money, with the average annual salary amounting to $165,700.

10: Information Systems Manager

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Most companies in the United States use computers, and they need people to lead their IT departments. Computer and information systems managers oversee technical infrastructure, including hardware and software, to ensure these operations run smoothly.

Computer and information systems managers make $140,200 per year on average. There’s also a high demand for these professionals, providing them with job security in the near future.

11: Pharmacist

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Pharmacists prepare, fill, and dispense prescriptions to people. They also maintain a broad knowledge of different medications so they can answer questions about dosages or side effects.

Recent data shows pharmacists make an average of $117,000 per year. Unlike some other top-paying professions, women make up the majority of pharmacists in the United States, holding around 61% of these jobs.

12: Enterprise Architecture Manager

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Technology can change at lightning-fast speeds, leading to the need for professionals who can keep IT systems up-to-date. Enterprise architecture managers design and implement IT systems to make sure companies can keep up with digital growth.

These technology professionals generally have specialized skills in different areas of enterprise architecture, such as data modeling and cloud computing. They make an average salary of $168,762 per year.

13: Machine Learning Engineer

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Machine learning, a subfield of artificial intelligence, is increasing in demand. Over the next five years, this field could see the most growth of any other occupation in the United States.

It’s no surprise, then, that machine learning engineers earn high salaries for their technical knowledge and skills. They get paid an average of $161,382 per year, and that salary baseline may continue to grow with demand.

14: Air Traffic Controller

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What if you want a high-paying job without having to get an advanced degree? You can consider becoming an air traffic controller, one of the best-paying jobs for people without a degree.

Air traffic controllers guide pilots to make safe takeoffs and landings, and they also manage traffic in the air. Many controllers can enter the field by earning an associate degree. They make an average annual salary of $130,840.

15: Senior Real Estate Manager

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Senior real estate managers, also known as property managers, oversee properties and the tenants who live there. They’re usually responsible for marketing properties, collecting rents, and managing other staff, such as maintenance crews.

These managers have many tasks, so they get paid salaries that reflect their work. They make a median wage of $140,477 per year on average.

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