How Much Can You Buy With $100 in Each State? Complete Ranking

It’s no surprise that the value of the U.S. dollar has more and less value, depending on the city and state. Understanding what $100 is truly worth in each state can help you budget for out-of-state trips and play a factor in determining where to move to if relocating is in your plans.

Prices differ for various products and services across state lines. Coffee may cost more in Seattle than in Des Moines, but does that mean everything is more expensive in the state of Washington? 

Bountii’s data shows how each state ranks when it comes to how much $100 is worth. Knowing your state’s value could make you think twice about which state you call home. 

Each Dollar Counts

Cafe worker holding coffee cup.
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The state-by-state $100 value breakdown compiled by Bountii looks at data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. They measure how much someone can buy for $100 in each state. For example, in Washington, $3.92 is the average price for a cup of coffee, which is the most expensive in the U.S.

In this list, the state recognized as one of the best destinations to visit falls behind all other states when it comes to the value of the dollar. In contrast, you just might want to pack your bags and move to the state where you get the most bang for your $100 bucks.

Below is the value of the dollar in each state, ranked from the highest value to the lowest value.

1: Mississippi

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Value of $100 in Mississippi: $116.01

Beach in Alabama.

2: Alabama

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Value of $100 in Alabama: $115.21

Arkansas hiker on cliff overlooking mountains.

3: Arkansas

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Value of $100 in Arkansas: $114.43

South Dakota Badlands.

4: South Dakota

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Value of $100 in South Dakota: $113.38

5: Kentucky

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Value of $100 in Kentucky: $112.87

Train tracks in West Virginia.

6: West Virginia

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Value of $100 in West Virginia: $112.49

Red barn surrounded by cornfields in Ohio.

7: Ohio

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Value of $100 in Ohio: $112.11

Fishing in a river.

8: Missouri

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Value of $100 in Missouri: $111.98

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee.

9 & 10: Tennessee and Oklahoma

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Value of $100 in Tennessee and Oklahoma: $111.23

Corn field with windmill.

11 & 12: Iowa and South Carolina

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Value of $100 in Iowa and South Carolina: $110.74

Sunrise and fog over Kansas wheat field.

13: Kansas

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Value of $100 in Kansas: $110.62

Bald Cypress trees at Lake Martin in Louisiana.

14 & 15: Louisiana and Nebraska

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Value of $100 in Louisiana and Nebraska: $110.38

Indiana Statehouse.

16: Indiana

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Value of $100 in Indiana: $110.25

North Carolina road winding through Appalachian Mountains in autumn.

17: North Carolina

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Value of $100 in North Carolina: $109.65

A bison grazing in North Dakota.

18: North Dakota

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Value of $100 in North Dakota: $108.34

Oak trees by a water fountain in Savannah.

19: Georgia

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Value of $100 in Georgia: $107.99

Cows in a pasture.

20: Wisconsin

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Value of $100 in Wisconsin: $107.41

Idaho mountains and pasture at sunset.

21: Idaho

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Value of $100 in Idaho: $107.07

Mackinac Bridge, Michigan.

22: Michigan

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Value of $100 in Michigan: $106.95

Kiva in an Acient Cave Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico.

23: New Mexico

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Value of $100 in New Mexico: $105.93

Autumn in Montana's Glacier Park.

24: Montana

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Value of $100 in Montana: $105.49

Bison in a field.

25 & 26: Wyoming and Arizona

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Value of $100 in Wyoming and Arizona: $103.95

Bluebonnet field in Texas.

27: Texas

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Value of $100 in Texas: $103.31

Mount Timpanogos, Utah.

28: Utah

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Value of $100 in Utah: $103.09

Grand Portage State Park Minnesota

29: Minnesota

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Value of $100 in Minnesota: $102.67

Aerial view of barns and fields in Pennsylvania countryside.

30: Pennsylvania

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Value of $100 in Pennsylvania: $102.15

Fishing dock.

31 & 32: Maine & Nevada

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Value of $100 in Maine: $102.04

Middletown, Rhode Island.

33: Rhode Island

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Value of $100 in Rhode Island: $101.32

Sandy beach along Oregon coast with mountains in background.

34: Oregon

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Value of $100 in Oregon: $100.81

Two manatees.

35: Florida

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Value of $100 in Florida: $100.50

Chicago skyline.

36: Illinois

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Value of $100 in Illinois: $100.30

Houses in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

37: Delaware

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Value of $100 in Delaware: $99.60

Vermont mountain with snow covered trees and ski slope.

38: Vermont

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Value of $100 in Vermont: $98.43

Virginia Statehouse in Richmond.

39: Virginia

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Value of $100 in Virginia: $97.56

Birch tree forest.

40: Colorado

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Value of $100 in Colorado: $95.90

Washington tulip fields with mountains in the background.

41: Washington

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Value of $100 in Washington: $95.42

New Hampshire road winding through mountains in the fall.

42: New Hampshire

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Value of $100 in New Hampshire: $95.24

Train through Alaska.

43: Alaska

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Value of $100 in Alaska: $94.70

Rockport Harbor, Massachusetts.

44: Massachusetts

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Value of $100 in Massachusetts: $93.55

Shore in Connecticut.

45: Connecticut

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Value of $100 in Connecticut: $92.00

Maryland State House in Annapolis.

46: Maryland

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Value of $100 in Maryland: $91.24

Golden Gate Bridge over San Francisco Bay in California.

47 & 48: California & New Jersey

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Value of $100 in California & New Jersey: $88.18

49: New York

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Value of $100 in New York: $86.70

Aerial view of Hawaiian island coastline with mountains.

50: Hawaii

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Value of $100 in Hawaii: $84.18

Stretching the Dollar Farthest

Egret at Lake Martin in Louisiana.
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Interestingly, the second and third states on the list, Alabama and Arkansas, share a border with Mississippi, which ranked as the state where $100 has the most value.

Louisiana and Georgia are also southern states that made the top 15. However, not all Southern states ranked as highly.  

Which States Come Last

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With a $100 bill worth a measly $84.18, residents in Hawaii have it tough financially. However, Hawaiians are rich in other respects. The Aloha State ranks first in the nation for its healthcare, with Mississippi landing at the bottom of that list. 

Meanwhile, New York is the second-worst state for how far $100 stretches. The Empire State ranks highest in the nation in rent cost, which certainly doesn’t help the situation. 

The Rising Dollar Nationwide

Woman holding a $1 bill.
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With the dollar’s value varying by state, what do reports say about the overall value of the dollar? Could the value of a rising dollar improve the value of $100 in states ranked lowest on this list? 

Despite a lot of uncertainty, some experts say the U.S. dollar will continue to show strength. That’s good news for the 14 states that fall below Illinois, which is the state with the closest value to $100 ($100.30).

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