23 Times “Unique” Baby Names Went Too Far

Choosing a child’s name is a significant early decision for parents. However, if you ask us, some take the responsibility far too lightly.

Picking an unconventional name might seem like a good idea at the time, but in these cases, perhaps sticking with classics like Tom or Mary would have been a safer bet.

1: Ahmiracle

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Every baby is a miracle, but naming them “Ahmiracle” is a little too much on the nose. So many names already mean miracle, like Mireille or Aaron. Surely one of those would have been better.   

2: Hellzel

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Supposedly, the parents of sweet baby Hellzel loved the name Hazel and a biker gang that goes by the first three letters of the word “Hellzel” followed by the word “Angels.” Sometimes, combining two things you love doesn’t improve them. 

3: Abcde

Student writing letters on a chalkboard.
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A Southwest gate agent had to apologize after mocking a child for having the name “Abcde.” While we would never advocate mocking a child, this name is particularly hard not to raise an eyebrow at. 

4: X Æ A-12

Person working on math.
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Elon Musk and his girlfriend, Grimes, were certainly creative when naming their child X Æ A-12, but that goes too far from our point of view. After the state of California confirmed you can’t use numbers in a baby name, they changed the spelling to X Æ A-Xii, which isn’t exactly an improvement. 

5: Airwrecka

Wing of an airplane.
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Believe it or not, Airwrecka’s parents weren’t trying to conjure images of a plane crash when naming their baby girl. Read it slowly, and you’ll realize they were just looking for a unique variation of “Erica.” 

6: Love-Child

Couple holding hands
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We’re not sure whether these parents were fans of the Supreme song “Love Child” or wanted to tell the world that they don’t believe in the institution of marriage. Either way, the name Love-Child has undoubtedly made life harder for their offspring with that name. 

7: Arson

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Arson sounds close to Carson and Larson, both of which are completely acceptable names. However, arson’s definition of being a criminal activity makes using it as your child’s name a very questionable decision. 

8: Burger

Woman holding a hamburger.
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The labor and delivery process can be lengthy, and parents are often hungry by the end of it. Still, naming your child “Burger” isn’t recommended.

9: Candida

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If you don’t know what candida is, you might think this name sounds sort of pretty. Unfortunately, candida is the shortened name of a type of fungal yeast infection. 

10: Merica

American flag as people strike.
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Naming one’s child “Merica” is an unfortunate way on the child for their parents to show their patriotism. May we offer Sam, Betsy, or Liberty as alternative patriotic names?

11: Carrion

Mother feeding her baby with a bottle.
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Carrion refers to decaying flesh. We really hope the parents who used this for their precious newborn didn’t know that. 

12: Chaos

Students making fun of a student.
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Having a baby can undoubtedly make your life chaotic, but that doesn’t make “Chaos” a good baby name. Besides potentially inviting teasing as the child grows up, a name like that could send confusing messages to the child about how their parents view them.

13: Panthy

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Maybe Panthy’s parents were going for a variant of Panther when they chose this name. Unfortunately, rather than making people think of strong felines, “Panthy” makes many people think of panties. 

14: Appaloosa

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An Appaloosa is a gorgeous breed of horse. It was also the name of a 2008 movie starring Ed Harris. It should never have been a child’s name in our opinion, but, alas, it was. 

15: Fellony

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Fellony sounds pretty if you don’t know what felony means. Sadly, at least one child named Fellony grew up to commit several felonies. 

16: Girl

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It’s one thing to name your dog “Girl.” It’s another thing to use a common noun as a name for your child. 

17: Hashtag

Woman looking at Instagram.
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In 2012, at least one mom decided to name her daughter “Hashtag.” Using a trendy name is fine, but naming your child for an internet trend feels like it crosses the line. 

18: Henceforth

Business man adjusting his tie.
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The parents of “Henceforth” probably wanted a formal-sounding name. While they certainly achieved that, using a transitional adverb for your child’s moniker is questionable at best.  

19: Isis

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The name Isis comes from an Egyptian goddess. That’s cool in our book. However, since the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, also known as ISIS, entered the world’s vernacular, this name has definitively lost its luster. 

20: Jermajesty

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If you think your child is on par with royalty, who are we to disagree? Still, there are better options than “Jermajesty” to express your sentiment. Try Rex, Rory, or Kingsley, which all mean nobility. 

21: Kale

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In Hawaiian, Kale means strong and manly. If you don’t live in Hawaii, though, this name makes many Americans think of a crunchy lettuce leaf. 

22: Latrina

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Hopefully, the parents of sweet baby Latrina didn’t know the term “latrine.” If they did, their name choice is exceptionally cruel, since “latrine” means toilet. 

23: Moon Unit 

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Singer and composer Frank Zappa named his daughter Moon Unit in 1967, making her one of the first rock star children to bear an exceptionally unique name. Luckily, regular parents didn’t follow Zappa’s lead, and as far as we can tell, no one else had to suffer through middle school with the name. 

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