America’s Most Common Birthday Dates. Can You Guess Them?

Ever get the feeling that everyone you know has their birthday in the same month? It turns out it’s not just your imaginagtion. More Americans are born on certain months and dates (and even days of the week) than others.

Is your birthday on the list?

Stock Up on Candles

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A report released by Zippia compared US birth data for every day between 1994 and 2014 to rank the most popular birthday dates. The more babies born on a specific day, the more common the birthday. 

Fall Is in the Air

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Do you know a lot of people with September birthdays? According to Zippia, nine of the top 10 most popular birthday dates “fall” during the ninth month of the year. 

Nine Is the Charm

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The most popular birthday date in the US is September 9th. That’s a nice lookin’ 9/9 date on paper.

The Outlier

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Can you guess the only date within the top 10 most popular birthdays that isn’t in September? July 7th. In a world where many births can be scheduled, one might assume that some doctors prefer to take off for the July 4th holiday weekend. 

Do the Math 

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So, why are there so many September birthdays in the US? For those who haven’t run the math yet, nine months before September is right around Christmas, so Americans may be feeling extra merry. 

The Month of All Months

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While September may claim some of the most popular individual birth dates, August is the most popular birth month in the US, with an average of 361,709 babies born during the eighth month of the year.  

Least Popular Dates

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On the flip side, the holiday season sees the fewest annual births, with Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Christmas Eve snagging the top (or bottom?) three spots. As previously noted, if c-sections and inductions can be scheduled, it stands to reason that neither doctors nor pregnant women would want to spend their holidays at the hospital. 

Holiday Holdouts

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Other unpopular days to give birth include the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. 

Avoid the Unlucky 

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Right after holiday gaps, the 13th day of any month is a figurative black hole of birthing data. It turns out that even in the 21st century, women try to avoid this unlucky date to give birth.

Least Popular Birth Month

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While August and September hold top honors and the holidays hover near the bottom of the pack, February is the least popular birth month. The second month of the year sees an average of only 316,891 babies born annually. 

A Day of Love

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While February is statistically the least likely month for a baby to be born, Valentine’s Day is a relatively popular birthday date. February 14th is the 63rd (out of 365) most popular birthday on the calendar. 

Fun Birthday Facts

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Tuesday is the most common day for babies to be born in America, likely between the hours of 8 AM and noon. 

A Full-Circle Perspective

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Based on the data presented, it appears that several babies born on the most popular day of the year (September 9th) were likely conceived on the least popular day for births (December 25th). Merry Christmas, indeed. 

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