From Turkey to Peanut Butter: The Most Beloved Sandwich in Each State

Almost every American loves sandwiches, but did you know residents in certain states are bigger fans of specific types of sandwiches than others?

Delight in this list and confirm whether your favorite sandwich matches the most beloved one in your state.

Unsung Hero

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As a nation, Americans consume 300 million sandwiches every day. Easy to prepare and even easier to eat, it’s safe to say that sandwiches are the unsung hero of lunchboxes.  

The Skinny on Sandwiches

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A 2022 report released by Zippia analyzed Google Trends data for 40 different popular sandwiches in each state. The more people in that state Googled the sandwich, the more likely folks there are eating it. These are America’s most favorite sandwiches by state.


Pulled pork sandwhich.
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Alabamians must’ve had summer on the brain when packing their lunches. BBQ sandwiches are the most popular here, especially when doused in the state’s signature white barbecue sauce. 


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Residents of Alaska are taking a page out of New England’s playbook with their favorite sandwich. The Grinder, a hefty sub packed with Italian cured meats, sliced cheese, and topped with a veggie slaw dosed with an extra drizzle of red wine vinegar, proves a popular choice up north.


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Tex-Mex cuisine reigns supreme in Arizona, where tortas prove the most beloved sandwich. The Mexican street food staple features a fluffy bun, a healthy dose of butter, and almost any filling you can fit between two pieces of bread. 


Chicken sandwich.
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Fried, smoked, or grilled chicken sandwiches reign supreme in Arkansas, according to Zippia. 


Three sandwhiches.
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Perfectly pressed paninis prove most popular in California, especially when topped with a healthy dose of local avocados. 


Doner kebab.
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A Turkish take on shawarma or gyro, doner kebab is the most sought-after sandwich in Colorado. Fluffy pita packed with perfectly seasoned, slow-roasted lamb or beef and a healthy dose of fresh vegetables provide hikers and sightseers alike with a hearty one-hand meal. 


Breakfast sandwhich.
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day in Connecticut, where bacon, egg, and cheese is considered the favorite sandwich. 


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Italian subs take the top spot in Delaware. A distinctly American invention featuring Italian ingredients, the popular sandwich typically includes a blend of Genoa salami, mortadella (Italian bologna), prosciutto di Parma, and provolone cheese topped with fresh veggies, herbs, and red wine vinaigrette, not unlike another New England favorite: The Grinder. 


Cuban sandwich.
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Florida’s favorite sandwich enjoys an island flair in the form of mojo roast pork. The Cuban sandwich is a meaty upgrade to the standard ham and cheese. It’s a must-try on any visit to Tampa, Miami, or Key West. 


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Chicken is king in the home of Chick-fil-A. Georgia locals love their chicken sandwiches and some dream of mastering the restaurant chain’s secret recipe. 


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Hawaiians craving a taste of the mainland order pastrami on rye, the surprising favorite sandwich of the Aloha State. 


Tuna fish sandwich.
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Office breakrooms in Idaho might smell a little fishy with all those tuna sandwiches filling up the communal fridge. 


Italian beef sandwich.
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Italian beef sandwiches have been a staple of the Chicago street food scene for years, but the popularity of Hulu’s “The Bear” in recent years has skyrocketed the classic sammie to stardom. 


Woman holding a sandwich.
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You just can’t beat a classic chicken sandwich, at least according to Indiana locals. 


Pork tenderloin sandwich.
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Pounded thin, deep fried, and simply served on a warm fluffy bun, the pork tenderloin sandwich is an Iowa staple and the state’s favorite lunchtime (or anytime) treat. 


BBq pulled pork sandwich.
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In a state beloved for its signature barbecue style, it’s no surprise that barbecue in sandwich form is Kansas’ favorite bite. 


Sliced bologna.
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Kentucky locals like to keep things classic. Bologna is the Bluegrass State’s favorite sandwich, according to Zippia. 


Po boy sandwich.
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A state signature, the po boy is both Louisiana’s favorite and most famous sandwich. A New Orleans-style baguette packed with freshly fried seafood, shredded lettuce, tomato, and remoulade sauce, the po boy is a pure bite of Louisiana. 


Lobster roll.
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Unsurprisingly, lobster rolls take top billing in Maine, where fishermen bring in over 100 million pounds of the crustacean annually. The Maine-style sandwich is served chilled with lobster meat mixed with mayo and crunch greens like celery or scallion. 


Tuna fish.
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Tuna, not crab, reigns supreme in Maryland’s sandwiches. To be fair, the canned fish is much easier to slather on bread.


Fluffernutter sandwich.
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Massachusetts sandwich lovers seem to have a sweet tooth. The classic combination of peanut butter and marshmallow cream (aka, Fluffernutter) is the Bay State’s favorite lunchtime staple. 


Corned beef sandwich.
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Michigan locals skip right over the turkey and ham at the deli counter. Corned beef sandwiches take pride of place as the Wolverine State’s favorite. 


Fried eggs.
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A hearty midwestern breakfast is just what the people want in Minnesota, where fried egg sandwiches reign supreme. 


Fried chicken sandwich.
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Chicken sandwiches are a classic Southern staple, especially in Mississippi, where locals claim the classic fried dish as their favorite lunchtime bite. 


Chicken sandwich.
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It’s chicken all the time in Missouri, where the classic chicken sandwich is considered the state’s favorite, according to Zippia. 


Fancy tuna sandwiches.
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Cowboys may not take tuna out on the range, but that doesn’t stop other Montana locals from scarfing down the fishy sandwiches. 


Peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
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Lunchtime stays classic in Nebraska, where peanut butter and jelly takes the top spot as the Cornhusker State’s favorite sandwich. 


Chicken sandwich.
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For all the variety available on the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada residents still prefer a well-made chicken sandwich over more complicated fare. 

New Hampshire

Roast beef sandwich.
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Roast beef is the deli meat of choice in New Hampshire. Served hot or cold, roast beef sandwiches are the preferred lunchtime meal in the Granite State. 

New Jersey

Pork roll sandwhich.
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New Jersey’s signature food is also the state’s favorite sandwich. Not quite ham and not quite pepperoni, the pork roll sandwich remains the Garden State’s breakfast, lunch, and snack of choice. 

New Mexico

Tuna sandwich.
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While tuna may not seem an obvious choice for desert-dwelling New Mexico locals, it’s the preferred filling for the state’s surprising favorite sandwich. 

New York

Bacon and egg sandwich.
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On-the-go New Yorkers love a handheld breakfast. Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches are the most popular choice in the Empire State. 

North Carolina

BBQ sandwiches.
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What do enterprising North Carolina locals do with all that leftover barbecue? Stick it in a sandwich, of course. 

North Dakota

Ham and cheese sandwich.
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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. North Dakota residents love a classic ham and cheese sandwich, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 


Bologna sandwich.
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Basic bologna is the most popular sandwich filling in Ohio, according to Zippia. 


Patty melt.
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Beef is king in Oklahoma, where thick patties get a healthy dose of cheese before being tucked between two buttery slices of toast. Mouthwatering patty melts are the sandwich of choice in the Sooner State. 


Banh mi sandwich.
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Oregonians are a bit more adventurous in their sandwich tastes. Vietnamese banh mi (a baguette packed with roasted meats, paté, fresh and pickled vegetables) reigns supreme as the state’s favorite sandwich. 


Philly cheesesteak.
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Philadelphia’s affinity for the cheesesteak eclipses all other sandwiches in Pennsylvania, at least according to Zappia. The sandwich has been around for almost 100 years, but locals still can’t agree on what constitutes an “authentic” cheesesteak. 

Rhode Island

Can of tuna.
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In a state where fresh seafood is a staple, tuna takes the top spot as Rhode Island’s favorite sandwich. 

South Carolina

Reuben sandwich.
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South Carolina locals prefer a heartier bite than the traditional ham and cheese at lunchtime. Meaty Reuben sandwiches piled high with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing are the meal of choice in the Lowcountry. 

South Dakota

Fluffernutter sandwich.
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South Dakota natives love a sweet treat at lunchtime. Fluffernutter is the Mount Rushmore State’s favorite sandwich, according to Zippia. 


BBQ sandwich.
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Barbecue is the sandwich of choice in Tennessee, especially when paired with whiskey and live country music. 


Patty melt.
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Where’s the beef? In a Texas-style patty melt. The Lone Star State’s favorite sandwich is a rich and beefy upgrade to a classic burger, made acceptable for lunchtime by the substitution of Texas toast for a traditional burger bun. 


Chicken salad sandwich.
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Swapping surf for turf, Utah residents prefer chicken salad over tuna in their favorite sandwiches. 


Food at Thanksgiving dinner.
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Turkey is the deli meat of choice in Vermont, especially when stuffed into classic turkey sandwiches come lunchtime. 


Grilled cheese.
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Comfort food is the order of the day in Virginia, where locals love a good grilled cheese more than any other type of sandwich. 


Banh mi sandwich.
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Like its neighbor to the south, Washington locals also love a classic Vietnamese banh mi. The handheld sandwich is perfect to pack for a hike…or just a picnic out in nature.

West Virginia

BBQ sandwich.
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Smoked, shredded, and doused in sauce, barbecue meats make up the filling for West Virginia’s favorite sandwich. 


Tuna fish sandwich.
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The most likely filling in a Wisconsin local’s sandwich? Traditional tuna. 


Egg salad sandwich.
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Wyoming residents are filling their lunchboxes with egg salad sandwiches, the state’s favorite, according to Zippia. 

A Note on the Data

Man with a highlighter and piece of paper.
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While Google Trends sheds light on how often people search for a type of sandwich, it’s not necessarily an accurate indicator of which varieties people are eating. Most people don’t need to search for a recipe for a classic turkey and Swiss, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t eating it. 

Trying Something New

A man studying.
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What this Google Trends data can show us is a pattern in taste. For example, plenty of people in Alabama searched “BBQ Sandwich,” and while they may not be taking pulled pork for lunch every day, they may be looking to serve these sammies at their next get-together; therefore, it could easily still be the state’s favorite sandwich. 

The Missing Link

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While technically sandwiches (according to some), hot dogs and hamburgers were excluded from this list to avoid controversy. Zippia chose instead to focus only on clear-cut sandwiches, meaning, “…anything you can add ketchup to without making it gross isn’t a sandwich.” 

An Exception to Every Rule

Hot dog.
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The technical definition of a sandwich, according to Merriam-Webster, is “two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between,” meaning that, technically, hot dogs and hamburgers are sandwiches. However, just as you wouldn’t add tomatoes to fruit salad (even though they are botanically a fruit), hot dogs and hamburgers are culinarily not considered sandwiches. 

Tasty Trends

Old book.
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A state’s culinary history can have an impact on its residents’ taste buds. States that have a strong barbecue tradition seem to favor smoked meats on their sandwiches, while those with significant Italian populations favor Italian cured meats in their lunches. 

State Signatures

Pin on a map.
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Some states’ most recognizable sandwich also happens to be the local favorite and one that should be added to any travel bucket list. Notable noshes include Pennsylvania’s cheesesteak, New Jersey’s pork roll, Maine’s lobster roll, and Louisiana’s po boy.

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