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Online Dating Trends of Older Generations Many Don’t Expect

If there’s one aspect of social life that has changed in recent years, it’s how we meet new people. Dating apps and websites are more common than ever, with three out of ten Americans stating they’ve used an online dating app. But how does this trend apply to people over 50?

It turns out, single seniors aren’t as lonely as the younger folks might think.

Getting Back Out There

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A survey conducted by Pew Research Center found that one in six Americans over 50 have tried online dating. Six percent of people 50 and older said they met their long-term partner through an online dating app. 

Analyzing Trends

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Pew Research Center surveyed a random sample of 6,034 Americans ages 18 and above on their online dating habits. The results from respondents aged 50 and above were isolated to determine the online dating trends for older Americans. 

Aging Out

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People on the younger end of the age demographic are most likely to use a dating app. Of those surveyed, 23% of people in their 50s had tried online dating, compared to 14% of people in their 60s and 12% in their 70s.

It Doesn’t Last

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While many older Americans have demonstrated they’re willing to give dating apps a try, only 3% of singles ages 50 and over are currently using a dating app or have used one in the past year. 

Most Popular Dating App for 50+

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Not all apps are created equal. Older users are most likely to have used (50%), while only one in five users 50 years and older have tried Tinder. By contrast, 59% of singles under 50 said they had tried Tinder. 

Looking for Love? 

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When asked why they wanted to try out a dating app, 36% of people over 50 cited casual dating as a major reason. Roughly 50% claimed to be looking for a long-term partner, while around 30% were just looking to make friends. 

Who Uses Dating Apps?

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More than half of Americans who use online dating apps have never been married, and 46% have never lived with a partner. That said, more than one-third of people who are divorced, separated, or widowed are also checking out the apps. 

When It Doesn’t Work Out

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Women ages 50 and older don’t seem to be particularly enjoying their time on dating apps. Fifty-seven percent of women 50 years and older reported having a negative experience compared to 48% of women ages 18 to 49. 

Show Me the Money

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When it comes to men ages 50 and over, they are more likely to have paid to use a dating app than their female counterparts. However, this statistic is also true of men ages 18 to 49, who are 13% more likely than women of the same age to pay for a dating app. 

Watch Out for Scams

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Dating app users between the ages of 50 and 65 are most likely to be targeted by scammers. Roughly half of users, or 47%, claim to have encountered a scam artist through a dating app. 

Scams on the Rise

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Scams targeting people ages 60 and over have increased in recent years. In 2022, over 88,000 complaints were filed with the FBI for a total financial loss of $3.1 billion. 

Return of the Scam Artists

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Surprisingly, men ages 18 to 49 are most likely to encounter someone they believe was trying to scam them. Sixty-three percent of younger men have reported this behavior.

When Online Dating Turns Dangerous

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According to Pew’s survey results, 4% of online daters ages 50 and older have been threatened with physical harm while using an app. If this happens, report the incident to the app immediately and do not continue communication with the person. 

Unwanted Behaviors

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While not as extreme as the threat of physical harm, 45% of app users 50 and older reported being sent unprompted explicit content, excessive contact from someone they expressed disinterest in, or being called an offensive name. 

Women vs Men

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Across both the 18 to 49 and 50+ age groups, women are more likely than men to experience harassment or unwanted behaviors on a dating app. Interestingly, this gender discrepancy doesn’t exist in the 65 and over age group. 

Happily Ever After? 

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One in ten married or partnered Americans say they met their significant other on a dating app. Even if the chances are low, there’s still a possibility of finding love online: Seven percent of couples between 50 and 64 claim to have met online, while 4% of couples over 65 said the same. 

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