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10 Things Americans Want in 2024 

Recent polling reveals that despite world troubles, Americans feel hopeful about 2024 and beyond. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to make changes in themselves and in the country as a whole. 

2023 Was a Mixed Bag

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A recent YouGov poll showed that 42% of Americans found 2023 to be equally filled with happiness and sadness. Nearly 30 percent found it to be filled mostly with happiness, and 29% said it was mostly sad. When asked to look ahead, the answers were more hopeful.

1: Less Sadness

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Only 22% of Americans felt discouraged as they considered the future. Forty-seven percent of poll respondents felt hopeful about what was to come. 

2: More Exercise

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The majority of Americans want to exercise more. Eighty-eight percent said they were making resolutions that revolved around their exercise habits. 

3: Healthier Overall

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Ninety-four percent of Americans have health-related goals for the future. Nearly half of all Americans currently live with a chronic disease, according to public health studies

4: Nationwide Weight Loss

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Eighty-five percent of poll respondents said the U.S. should make a nationwide resolution to lose weight and eat better. Data suggests nearly one in three Americans are overweight. More than two in five are obese. 

5: Stay Offline 

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A majority of Americans (70%) said the country should spend less time online. Three in ten adults in the U.S. report being “online constantly.” 

6: Less Focus on Internet Connections

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Though the internet can be a place to network and form virtual friendships, most Americans said the country should not focus on this type of connection. Only 29% said the nation should emphasize internet connections.  

7: More Community Contributions

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Seventy-two percent of Americans say that U.S. citizens should contribute more to their local communities. Recent studies show that only 23% of Americans (60.7 million people) volunteer their time. 

8: Take Time Off 

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Most Americans said the U.S. needs to find more time to relax. Seventy-four percent believe the nation should make a resolution to take more time off work. Paradoxically, 60% also said the nation should resolve to work harder. 

9: Go to Church

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The majority of Americans believe their fellow citizens should attend religious services more often. Although recent reports suggest religious importance is shrinking in America, many church-goers feel the U.S. is on the verge of a religious revival. 

10: Spend More Time With Family 

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Many Americans feel that the Land of the Free needs to prioritize time with loved ones and family. Ninety-one percent of Americans polled said they thought if the U.S. was able to set a resolution as a country, it should be to spend more time with family. 

What the Government Can and Can’t Do 

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The United States can’t set a nationwide resolution for 2024 the way individuals make personal New Year’s resolutions, but politicians can push legislation and policy that make it easier for citizens to live out their priorities.

Encouraging Health

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Many Americans are concerned with their health and the nation’s growing obesity problem. Government policy can help encourage more health among citizens. Policies that may work to curb obesity include changing zoning laws to get rid of food deserts and implementing menu calorie labeling in restaurants. 

More Work-Life Balance

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Better work-life balance could enable Americans to enjoy more vacation time or spend more time volunteering in their communities. While the government can’t control what private companies offer employees, policy can encourage more paid time off and leave for certain activities. 

Creating a Family-Centric Society 

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Americans’ resolution ideas also imply a desire for a more family-centered society. Government policy that pushes paid parental leave or provides tax breaks to parents with young children could help create a more family-friendly nation. 

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