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10 Countries the World Loves the Most, Study Reveals

With 195 countries in the world, we’re all bound to have some favorites. From stunning natural landscapes to a comfortable lifestyle, a survey conducted by YouGov showed the countries people view as the most favorable. 

To determine which countries people like the most, YouGov used data from their tracking surveys. Fifteen hundred panelists participated in the study. YouGov weighted responses according to people’s demographics, voter registration status, and 2016 presidential vote. These were the results.

1: United States of America

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Americans are probably chanting “U-S-A!” right now. The United States of America came out on top for both fame and popularity. It ranked 100% for fame and had the highest popularity percentage at 78%. 

2: Switzerland 

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Known for its scenic mountains and delectable cheese and chocolates, Switzerland is the second-most popular country in the world. It scored 97% in fame and followed closely behind the US with 74% in popularity. 

3: Australia

Sydney, Australia.
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Home to unique (and sometimes deadly) wildlife, gorgeous beaches, and funny slang phrases, Australia has proven to be popular. Seventy-two percent of respondents had a favorable opinion of the sixth-largest country in the world. Australia scored a 95% in the fame category, with only 5% of people saying they dislike it. 

4: United Kingdom 

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Folks across the pond will be happy to hear that the UK ranked among the top five most favorable countries in the world. Ninety-eight percent of participants had heard of the UK, and 72% had a favorable opinion of it. 

5: Italy 

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Just like when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, people are falling in “amore” with Italy. Seventy-one percent of people have a positive opinion of the popular country, and 97% of respondents are familiar with it. 

6: Ireland 

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People love to get their green on for the globally celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. That could be what landed Ireland on the list of the world’s most favorable countries. Ninety-five percent of respondents had heard of it, and 70% had a positive opinion. Only 5% of participants had an unfavorable opinion of Ireland. 

7: Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden.
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Whether people love Sweden’s ample alpine skiing, are obsessed with shopping at Ikea, or enjoy its famous meatballs, the country is popular worldwide. Sixty-eight percent of people think positively of it, and only 3% report disliking it. 

8: Canada 

Spirit Island in Jasper, Alberta, Canada.
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America’s northern neighbor is known for its incredibly kind citizens. People were very friendly when sharing their opinions of Canada, with 68% popularity among respondents. Seventeen percent of people had a neutral opinion about it. 

9: Japan

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As one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, it’s safe to say Japan is a favorable country. Millions of people flock to see the bustling streets of Tokyo and breathtaking places like Mount Fuji. Ninety-seven percent of people are familiar with the country, and 66% have a positive view of it. 

10: Iceland 

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Despite its name, the Gulf Stream keeps Iceland pretty warm, especially during summer. Sixty-six percent of people said they have a favorable opinion of the country, with only 2% thinking negatively of it. 

Keeping It Neutral 

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If you ask millennials which country they like the most, they’ll probably say Switzerland, according to YouGov’s study. Seventy-five percent of people from that age group hold a favorable opinion of it. Japan tied for first, with 75% popularity as well. 

Awesome Aussies 

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Folks from Generation X take a particular liking to Australia and the United States. Seventy-eight percent of Gen X respondents held positive opinions about both of them.

America First 

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Baby boomers favor the USA more than any other country. A whopping 90% of people from that age group (57-75) have a favorable opinion of the States. 

Male Preferences 

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Regarding which countries men like the most, the US also comes out on top, with 81% popularity. Australia follows closely behind, with 79% of men holding a favorable opinion of it. 

That’s Amore 

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As for the ladies, the USA was also the number one most popular. Seventy-four percent of female respondents said they had a favorable opinion of it. Meanwhile, women appear to enjoy or dream of Italian vacations, as 69% of women said they have a positive opinion of Italy. 

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